ISME18 Sessions and Speakers

       * The Program subject to change due to postponement of ISME18


Session Convenors

Advances in terrestrial systems ecology

Mary Firestone & Thulani Makhalanyane
Aerobiology Donnabella Lacap-Bugler & Stephan Schuster

Animal microbiomes

Wanda Markotter & Mike Taylor

Axes of microbial ecology and climate change: progress and priorities

Virginia Rich & Bess Ward
Bringing uncultured taxa into mainstream phylogeny Svetlana Dedysh & Stephen Giovannoni
Ecology and evolution of the expanding fungi and close relatives Karin Jacobs & Purificación López-García
Ecology and functionality at the microbial/plant interface Daniele Daffonchio & Lucy Moleleki
Engineering microbial communities and functions: Synthetic microbial ecology Stephen Lindemann & Benoit Stenuit
Global and continental biogeography Jizheng He & Weidong Kong
Global biogeochemical cycling / Microbial contribution to ecosystem services Beatriz Diez & David Karl
Marine microbial ecology Gerhard Herndl & Alyson Santoro
Microbial biotechnology and engineered systems Rup Lal & Evodia Setati
Microbial connections between built infrastructure and natural freshwater environments Lutgarde Raskin & Sanjay Swarup
Microbial diversity, function and indicators of change at the three poles Beat Frey & Alison Murray
Microbial ecology of antimicrobial resistance Matt Hutchings & Amy Pruden
Microbial interactions between organisms, species and kingdoms Ute Hentschel Humeida & Matthias Horn
Microbial paleogenomics Hannes Schroeder & Christina Warinner
New microbial physiologies and metabolic capacities Marla Trindade & Susumu Yoshizawa
New technologies and approaches for studying microbial ecology Trent Northen & Dagmar Woebken
Pushing the frontiers of extreme microbiology Maggie Lau & Jean-Baptiste Ramond
Symbiosis – living together Takema Fukatsu & Jillian Petersen
There and back again: a protist's tale David Caron & Alexandra Worden
Understanding microbiome dynamics to improve human health Kirsten Bos & Filipa Godoy-Vitorino
Viral communities and infection, a journey through scales and ecosystems Evelien Adriaenssens & Assaf Vardi
Early Career Scientist Session: Scaling our frame of reference: microbial ecology across space, time and phylogeny Ann Gregory & Emilia Sogin