SeqCode Information

Find resources for how to name your Bacteria and Archaea using SeqCode, and participate in the community here


Validation of a Name under the SeqCode

Registering archaeal and bacterial names with SeqCode: If you want to name an organism under the SeqCode - go to the SeqCode registry where you will find an online portal to enter metadata and your name to enter, and submit for validation.

Join the SeqCode community: We are seeking a broad, inclusive membership to be active members of the SeqCode community. All members of ISME are eligible, as are other microbial scientists affiliated with other microbiological societies. To join the SeqCode community please add your name to this google form.

Communicate with the community: For participation, and to communicate within the SeqCode community, we created a public Slack channel - please join the conversation!

Input is both welcome and needed; please submit your comments via the public SeqCode Slack channel

The Code of Nomenclature of Prokaryotes Described from Sequence Data can be found here (published September, 2022 in Nature Microbiology).