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18th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology
Cape Town



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ISME18 is the 18th edition of our non-profit symposium which takes place every two years. The conference is the front runner in the field of microbial ecology, with an average of around 1,750 international scientists that attend the conference. You can send us an e-mail if you want to know more and if you are interested in statistics, facts and figures, then check our report on our last symposium!


10 July
Using the best information available at present the ISME Executives, Office, and ISME18 co-Chairs have concluded that conditions have not improved sufficiently to allow us to confidently plan for ISME18 to be held in August 2021.
We have now decided to move forward by holding ISME18 in 2022: specifically 21 – 26 August 2022… Read more 

20 March
It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that ISME18 will be postponed. A new date has not been set at this moment, as we are dependent on the availibility of the conference center in Cape Town, but we will let you know as soon as possible. Read the full note from our President Ed DeLong... 

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