ISME Awards

Besides numerous travel grants
ISME presents five prestigious awards at the biennial symposia.

The ISME Young Investigator Award

Recognizes young scientists who have made significant contribution to microbial ecology.
Winners are selected through the Award Committee.

Kelly Wrighton picture United States

Kelly Wrighton
Colorado State University
kl United States

Catherine Lozupone
University of Colorado
gt Australia

Gene Tyson
The University of Queensland
Ruth Ley United States

Ruth Ley
Cornell University
Victoria Orphan United States

Victoria J. Orphan
California Institute of Technology
ms Germany

Marc Strous
Max Planck Institute
fr United States

Forest Rohwer
San Diego State University
ph United States

Phil Hugenholtz
DOE Joint Genome Institute
ih United Kingdom

Ian Head
Newcastle University

The Tom Brock Awards

Most innovative research by an early career scientist.

Aura Raulo United Kingdom

Aura Raulo
University of Oxford
GD Switzerland

Glen D'souza
ETH-Zurich and Eawag
emilia Germany

Emilia Sogin
Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology
ulrike Switzerland

Ulrike Pfreundt
ETH Zurich
sl Netherlands

Sebastian Lücker
Radboud University
kl United States

Kenneth J. Locey
Indiana University
jbr Australia

Jean-Baptiste Raina
jw United States

Jillian Waters
Cornell University
ms Switzerland

Michaela Salcher
University of Zurich
yty United States

Yutaka Yawata

The David C. White Most Innovative Student Poster Award

To stimulate and thank our students for innovative thinking.
David C. White homepage

Pieter Blom Netherlands

Pieter Blom
Radboud University Nijmegen
Dominique Türkowsky Germany

Dominique Türkowsky
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ
yu Japan

Yuto Ueda
Hiroshima University
T. Ohbayashi Japan

T. Ohbayashi
Hokkaido University
Tomohiro Tobino Japan

Tomohiro Tobino
University of Japan Tokyo
fr Switzerland

Friedrich Reinhard
University of Lausanne
yy Japan

Yutaka Yawata
University of Tsukuba

Jim Tiedje Award

In recognition for outstanding lifetime contribution to microbial ecology.
Winners are selected through the Award Committee.

Ken Nealson United States

Kenneth Nealson
University of Southern California
credit to university of vienna Austria

Michael Wagner
University of Vienna
Sallie Chisholm United States

Sallie W. Chisholm
Nancy Moran United States

Nancy Moran
University of Texas Austin
Stephen J. Giovannoni United States

Stephen J. Giovannoni
Oregon State University
bbj Denmark

Bo Barker Jørgensen
Aarhus University
np United States

Norman Pace
University of Colorado
gk Netherlands

Gijs Kuenen
TU Delft
fa United States

Farooq Azam
University of California

The Bill Costerton Award

For research that best involves new theories in microbial ecology and wider inter-disciplinary significance.

Madeleine Gundersen Norway

Madeleine Gundersen
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Utrecht University Netherlands

Gilles Vismans
Utrecht University
fw Canada

Francois-Etienne Sylvain
Derome Laboratory
R. Rohwer United States

R. Rohwer
University of WInconsin
Melissa Garren United States

Melissa Garren

ISME/IWA Bio Cluster Award

To recognize and reward interdisciplinary research of unusual merit in the interface of microbial ecology and water/wastewater treatment. 


Christopher Lawson Canada

Christopher Lawson (rising star)
University of Toronto
Jizhong Zhou United States

Jizhong Zhou
University of Oklahoma
Tom Curtis United Kingdom

Thomas Curtis
Newcastle University
FL United States

Fangqiong Ling (rising star)
Washington University
km United States

Katherine McMahon
University of Wisconsin
wtl United States

Wen-Tso Liu
University of Illinois
ap United States

Ameet Pinto (rising star)
Northeastern University
mads Denmark

Mads Albertsen (rising star)
University of Aalborg
lut United States

Lutgarde Raskin
University of Michigan
daims Austria

Holger Daims
University of Vienna