Postdoc + PhD opportunities

Fully-funded (including travel + conferences) Postdoc + PhD opportunities in microbial ecology at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte in a new center integrating environmental and computational biology. Interested in viruses, aquatic ecology, and metagenomics? Details below.

Ocean microbes, and in particular viruses, remain the most abundant yet understudied biological entities on our planet. What novel diversity and function is waiting to be discovered in the wild? How do environmental microbes impact biogeochemistry and carbon cycling? How do microbes make a living in extreme environments? How might novel virus-like entities shape ecology and evolution of life on earth?

As a part of a new lab funded on flexible startup, you have the freedom to shape your research questions and target environments - let's brainstorm some ideas and make it happen!  Here are some ideas and information on ongoing projects.

Charlotte is a minority-majority city that places 30th in US World & News's "Best Cities to Live". It is North Carolina's largest city, with 2.4 million residents in the metro area, a blooming tech industry, medium cost-of-living, and access to both mountains and beaches.

Guaranteed funding for PhD (5 years) + postdoc (2 years). Access to brand-new lab + office spaces + sequencing (both Illumina + Nanopore) + computational resources. Postdoc: flexible start date in '23. PhD apps for Fall '23 due Jan '23. Details here.

Application deadline: Open until filled
Start date: Flexible
Location: University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA