What to do on my day off?

--- Note that no tours may be booked at this moment ---

In keeping with ISME tradition, no scientific sessions will be scheduled on Wednesday 12 August 2020. Participants will be free to explore the city of Cape Town and its surroundings.

We have partnered up with a local company, Turners Conferences, to provide you with an opportunity to see the city or to do something fun. We have selected several exciting tours, for you and your peers, which you may book on the pages below.  

We have also selected several pre- and post-tours you might be interested in. 

You can also book your tours on site; a tour desk will be open during the opening hours of the conference from Sunday 9 August to Tuesday 11 August. 

On these pages, you may also book airport transfers and your accommodation. 

Note that by clicking the link, you will leave the ISME website. ISME is not responsible for any offers and content of these booking pages.