The official language of the Symposium is English.

ISME Symposia are open to everyone with an interest in Microbial Ecology. The symposia usually attract 1500-2500 delegates, representing over 50 countries.

All participants must submit a completed registration form (online), which will be re-open from January 2022 onwards. 

In August, it is winter in Cape Town. The average temperature in August is 13 degrees Celsius with an average rainfall of 70 mm. 

Clothing is informal for all occasions. 

Please find a list of tours here

Time Zone   
Cape Town is on South Africa Standard Time (SAST), which is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2).

Convention Center
The symposium will take place in the Cape Town Internation Convention Centre - Convention Square, 1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa. Map

ISME does not include lunches with its registration fee.

There will be an ISME18 app available for download in iTunes and in Google Play. This app is part of the ISME society app. It will be launched in May 2022. The ISME society app is already available for download.

Wi-Fi is free of charge for all participants in the convention center. 

Cape Town is a very cool place, with beautiful scenery and friendly people, but please take good care of your safety. The tourist areas such as the V&A Waterfront, and the area around the convention center are relatively safe, but staying vigilant is never a bad idea. Please do not go out at night on your own, and, even with friends, avoid walking back to your hotel at night (take a taxi). Don't allow strangers to assist you at ATMs, and keep your valuable documents in a safe place at all times. Cape Town Tourism also has some tips on their website.

Please check if you are required to obtain a visa to enter South Africa.

Cape Town International Airport  (CPT) is a 20 min ride to the hotels around the conference center. We advise to use a taxi or shuttle service. Hostesses from the city are present upon arrival and can guide you to them. You can also fly to Johannesburg or Pretoria and take an inland flight to Cape Town. To arrange transfers, please click on this link provided by our local partner.

The HQ hotel for ISME18 is the Westin hotel just across the convention center. But there many other great options! For your convenience we have partnered up with a local company that provides accommodation bookings

More Symposium Information
To learn more about our symposium, please find more detailed information in the ISME17 report.