The Carini Laboratory is looking to hire a postdoctoral researcher to investigate the ecophysiologies of soil microbes. We are not hiring for a specific project. Rather, we are hiring someone with their own vision of how cultivation-centric studies of the soil microbiome can be used to advance our knowledge of the function or biodiversity of terrestrial ecosystems. The individual hired will have the opportunity to substantially shape their research direction within the context of several ongoing projects. Our laboratory investigates soil microbial diversity using the cell as the central unit of study. All of our projects lie near the intersection of cell biology, genomics (including genome evolution), microbial ecology and biogeochemistry. We use advanced cultivation-centric approaches to culture and study bacteria in oligotrophic environments, including the terrestrial shallow subsurface, the Sonoran desert and mining sites. We are particularly interested in understanding the microbial metabolism of trace gases (H2, CO and CH4), trace minerals and organic carbon and how these microbes interact with each other and plant roots. Details and apply here:

Application deadline: Open until filled
Start date: Open until filled
Location: University of Arizona, Tucson, USA