Postdoctoral position in maize microbiome culturomics @ Texas A&M University

We are looking for a dynamic postdoctoral researcher to conduct interdisciplinary research that encompasses microbial ecology, plant microbiome interactions and pest management. The position is based primarily in the Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology in Antony-Babu lab. Plant growth and insect assays will be carried out at Bernal lab in the Biological Control Facility, both in the College Station campus of Texas A&M University. 

Inquiries should be directed to Dr. Sanjay Antony-Babu ( or Dr. Julio Bernal (


- Conduct research comparing microbiomes of teosinte and modern maize, and elucidate the effect of domestication on microbiome recruitment.

- Generate a large culture collection using high throughput culture methods.

- Prepare cultures for long-term storage (glycerol, lyophilization etc)

- Innovate culture methods for rapid isolation, growth and identification of bacteria.

- Screen microbial cultures for biocontrol properties against pests and pathogens. 

- Perform statistical analysis.

- Train graduate students and undergraduate students in microbiology and microbial ecological experimentation.

- Perform and assist in bioinformatic analysis of large metabarcoding, metagenomics and metatranscriptomics data.

- Maintains lab records and ensures up-to-date lab safety documentation.

- Write manuscripts to publish in scientific journals. 

- The microbiology lab and the entomology facilities are 5 minutes driving distance from each other, and hence requires a current driver’s license or should be in the process of obtaining a permit. 

- Implement other duties as required.


Required Education and Experience:

- PhD in related field (microbial ecology, microbiology, plant pathology, etc.)


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

- Aseptic microbiology: both conceptual and demonstrable technical knowledge.

- Microbial culture of bacteria and fungi. Grow microorganisms in pure culture and in interactions. 

- Fast learner/self-starter - able to work independently.

- Maintain lab records meticulously. 

- Detail oriented.

- Knowledge of laboratory maintenance and equipment.

- Ability to multi-task and work cooperatively with others (internal and external collaborations).

- A good understanding of microbial species concept is mandatory.

- Collect phenotypic data from plants (healthy, infected and infested).

- Experience in high throughput culturomics is desirable.

- Experience in working with Nanopore sequencer is desirable.

- Experience and/or interest in laboratory automation will be an advantage. 



-This is a grant funded position; continued employment contingent on availability of funds.

-Applicants must upload both a cover letter and CV in order to be considered for this position


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Application deadline:
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Location: College Station, Texas