Post-doctoral fellowship in prokaryot marine ecology

The adaptation to cold climate and associated maintenance activities of marine prokaryotes will be investigated with cryo-electron microscopy and gene expression.

This encompasses formation of cell structures like cell-cell channels, extra-cellular vesicles (OMV´s), and expression of genes for e.g. cytoplasm integrity, osmotic potential, storage material and foraging (i.e., ecto- or exoenzymes).
Investigations will be done by continuous cultivation, mesocosm-facility with ice-formation
capacity and an Arctic expedition 2020 (Synoptic Arctic Survey). The results will be published
in scientific journals and be presented at international conferences. The project is a
collaboration between Umeå University and the Linneaus University in the strategic research
programme EcoChange.

The tax-free post-doc fellowship is funded by a 2-year grant from the Kempe foundation.
The fellowship amounts to 24 580 SEK per month. Start is in June 2019 or after agreement.

The qualified applicant should have a PhD exam in microbiology or ecology where a focus
on aquatic microbial ecology will be prioritized. The exam should not be more than 3 years
old at last date for application. Good experience of experimental microbiology and biochemistry
is required. Knowledge and experience of practical work with electron microscopy
and gene expression is a merit, as are bioinformatics. Experience of continuous
cultivation or mesocosm experiments are valuable. The holder should be able to participate
in expeditions on ships at sea.
Good ability to cooperate and knowledge in speaking and writing English is a requirement.
The holder should have a driver´s license for cars valid in Sweden.

The full application should include:
A cover letter describing your research interests and suitability (max. 2 pages).
A CV, including a list of your publications
Copies of your doctoral thesis and relevant publications (maximum 5)
Copy of doctoral degree certificate and other relevant degree certificates.
Names and contact details (mail and phone) of three reference persons.
Any other documents you wish to refer to.
Your complete application, written in Swedish or English and marked with reference
number Dnr FS 2.1.686319,
should be sent in a PDF-document to
(state the reference number as subject) on May 21, 2019 at the latest.

For more information, contact Assoc. Prof. Johan Wikner ( or +4670
342 77 82) eller Prof. Jarone Pinhassi (
The Department of Ecology and Environmental Science ( carries out research
and postgraduate education in ecology, environmental science and physical geography.
The department has about 150 employees, about 15 of whom are post-docs.

Application deadline:
Start date: ASAP
Location: Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden