PhD student

PhD student in aquatic microbial ecology using molecular tools at IGB Stechlin as part of DFG-graduate school BiCEst on C-cycling in River Elbe estuary.


For the Department of Plankton and Microbial Ecology of the IGB at Lake Stechlin, we are looking for a PhD student (f/m/x) as of 1st of October 2023, for a project using molecular tools to follow spatial and temporal changes in prokaryotic and microeukaryotic (fungi & protists) diversity.

The work is carried out as part of the second cohort of the Research Training Group (RTG 2530) “Biota-Mediated Effects on Carbon Cycling in Estuaries” which starts its second phase in October 2023. In total 14 PhD positions (f, m, x) will be in the RTG with an interest in interdisciplinary research on the role of biota on estuarine carbon cycling. The 14 doctoral projects built on the results of the first cohort of doctoral researchers and comprise experimental studies at three established research stations along the Elbe estuary, mesocosm studies and/or laboratory experiments. These will be combined with modelling approaches for integrating “biota-mediated effects on C cycling”. The graduate school takes place at the University of Hamburg and this position is based at the IGB in Stechlin, NE Germany.

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Location: Leibniz Institute for Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB), Location Stechlin