Call for new Members

We are looking for 4-5 early-career microbial ecologists to join us.

You should be pre-tenure and/or have obtained a PhD within the last 10 years. For researchers who have spent time away from active research, including parental leave, sick leave or part-time work, the 10-year limit is extended accordingly.

The term of service for all members will be four years. The time commitment is at least one week per year for each member, and includes a one-hour virtual ‘catch-up’ meeting once per month.

Selection procedure:
We are looking to identify early career microbial ecologists who are enthusiastic about developing and implementing ideas and activities that target and grow the early career microbial ecologists community. We also strive to maintain group representation from different regions, topic areas and other aspects of diversity.

Please send us your application BEFORE May 16th consisting of:

  • CV (no more than two A4 pages including the following categories: 1) Contact details, 2) Research interests, 3) Education, 4) Employment, 5) Awards and fellowships, 6) Other activities and positions of service, 7) Key publications, please ensure that your CV clearly shows your early career status (e.g. date of PhD award, time away from research, current non-tenured position);
  • Letter of motivation (no more than 300 words) outlining why you would like to join, and how you envisage your contribution;

Submit your application as a single pdf file via email with the subject line ‘ISME ECScom new member application’ to ISME.ECSC(@)

We will inform the selected candidates by the end of June.

For questions please email jillian.petersen(@)

ECSC activities currently include (but are not limited to):

  • Establishment of an “Early Career Microbial Ecologist Forum” comprising early-career ISME members and other interested early-career microbial ecologists world-wide;
  • Organizing special networking events at the biennial ISME conference; Convening sessions (e.g. one oral and poster session) at the ISME conference, focused on activities to advance the development of early career scientists;
  • Promoting knowledge exchange via webinars initiated during COVID-19 lockdown and beyond, together with the organizers of @MicroSeminar(;
  • Supporting work-life balance workshops tailored for early career scientists and their specific challenges (to be initiated in the future)
  • Highlighting the work of early career researchers twice a month on the ISME website and newsletter Discussing career strategies and personal experiences with established microbial ecologists through ISME conversations
  • Establishment of a global journal club running for 3 months each year and meeting via slack every second week (to be announced at the next ISME meeting (ISME18 in 2022).