Where to sleep? And how to get there?

--- Note that it is not possible at this moment to book accommodation ---

ISME will be using the Westin hotel as its HQ hotel which is conveniently located next to the conference center. But there are many other great hotels around!

We have partnered up with a local company, Turners Conferences, to offer you accommodation in Cape Town. You can also book a transfer to get you from the airport to your hotel.

You may also book airport transfers on these pages. This is a fast and, moreover, safe way to ensure you will get to your hotel. Because of environmental reasons, our partner, Turners Conferences, is striving to avoid individual transfers as much as possible; these shuttle transfers will have drop offs along the way. 

Note that by clicking the link above, you will leave the ISME website. ISME is not responsible for the offers and content of these booking pages.